Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ in 1971. From an early age, in his first group in the first grade, music has always been a part of his life. When he met the Lord Jesus Christ at age 20, his desire to minister to people with the Gospel became his focus even through his music. In 1979, his music group, Harvest, birthed through the local church he served as Youth Pastor in Bloomington, Indiana, received a recording contract with a Christian music company and began a 20 year journey touring the world preaching the Gospel and making disciples through the music. During those years, the group saw millions of people ministered to and multitudes making a decision to surrender their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. Music still is a vital part of the life of Jerry. He continues to be a prolific writer as well as continues to record. In addition to writing music, he also writes books and training manuals in being a "good soldier of Jesus Christ". Discipleship remains his heart's cry to see others be overcomers for the glory of the Lord. Today, Jerry and his wife, Donna, are pastors to pastors around the world and remain committed to discipling those who disciple others.

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Everlasting Spring
  • 1979: Harvest
Milk & Honey Records
  • 1981: Morning Sun
  • 1982: It's Alright Now
  • 1983: Send Us to the World
  • 1984: Voices
Greentree Records
  • 1985: The Best of Harvest
  • 1986: Only the Overcomers
  • 1987: Give Them Back
Benson Records
  • 1988: Holy Fire
  • 1990: Carry On
  • 1991: The Early Works
  • 1991: Let's Fight (For a Generation)
  • 1993: Mighty River
  • 1995: 41 Will Come[8]
  • 1987: A Call to Action
  • 1992: Let's Fight (For a Generation)

Debt Free Music
  • 1996: Warriors Arise
  • 2001: Flood Over Me
  • 2003: The Angel's Anthem
  • 2006: Gideon, A Mighty Warrior
  • 2009: Thank You
  • 2013: Psalms Project Musical Devotional
  • 2016: Christmastime EP 
  • 2019: The Psalms Project Vol. 1-3 (3CDs)
  • 2019: Hold the Fort
  • 2020: Church Arise
  • 2021: Marching On
Debt Free Publishing
  • 1997: Warriors Arise Discipleship Manual
  • 2015: In Christ Alone (A Commentary on Ephesians and Colossians)
  • 2016: A Warrior's Life 30-Day Devotional